Rock Out on The Cheap this Month

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Spoiled NYC - Rock Out on The Cheap this Month

We know, you gave all your dollars to the rosé gods this summer. Us too. What we were we supposed to do?! No one told us Stranger Things was gonna be so good! No one told us Beyoncé was going to Beyoncé all over us at the VMAs.

And no one ever could have told us just how crazy this presidential election would get. We have needed to self medicate, and this summer rosé was just what the doctor ordered.

But now our wallets are a little lighter than we’d like them to be.

Of course, that just doesn’t work for anyone because as we all know, fall is the greatest season there is.

So here are the best free/cheap things going down this October in NYC! It’s gonna be a graveyard smash y’all!

Oktoberfest New York (October 1st & 2nd)

Held at Watermark (Pier 15), Oktoberfest New York aims to capture the spirit of a traditional Oktoberfest in Munich! Live music, German food and beer, face painting, games, and a view of the Brooklyn skyline…not too shabby folks!

Oh, and admission for this event is FREE! Now grab a stein and strap on that pair of lederhosen I KNOW you’ve got laying around.

Pier 15 is located at 78 South Street, New York, New York.